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Our latest work

We produce websites for a range of clients ranging in cost from as little as £300 for a simple WordPress set up and site migration (up to 4 pages) all the way through to websites for large clients including Oxfam and the Transport Friendly Building Society.

We liase with all clients on the design and build process ensuring a simple and effective working relationship.

If you have a limited budget please let us know and we can nearly always work with you to produce work that both meets our high standard and your requirements, so please contact us too see if it is something we can work with.

Please look at some of our work below and visit any sites that you are interested in.

Fern Jewellery

Client: Tristan Sava

Creative: Fern Jewellery

Extras: SEO backend tools, Javascript functionality

Tristan needed a cool and responsive site to market his range of jewellery, it needed to have a simple shop and checkout with Javascript used to aid that experience for his clients.

Melanie Alder Photography

Client: Melanie Alder

Creative: Jamie Gunn Ltd.

Extras: Responsive layout, SEO marketing tools

Melanie needed to relaunch her business with a clean modern feel, somewhere she could show off her Photography and where clients could easily see her pricing structures.

She also needed my help to redesign her logo and branded her business including cards and promotional print material.

Chelmer Village Opticians

Client: Ray Sultana

Creative: Jamie Gunn Ltd

Extras: SEO backend tools, Responsive layout

Ray wanted to revamp his old site with the brief of taking an outdated design and updating while also making it responsive and adding in SEO tools.

We Liased with Ray and very quickly came up with a design he liked, his site is now modern looking and ticks SEO requirements.

The Woolpack Pub Burgess Hill

Client: Lance and Dee Nuttall.

Creative: Jamie Gunn Ltd.

Extras: Dynamic events page, Responsive layout.

Lance and Dee, have been using our services for over 10 years, we built their previous site 9 years ago and it needed to be brought into line with current requirements, they wanted a modern and clean look.

We also produce a range of printed material for them, such as Posters, flyers, loyalty cards and large format signs.

Drink me Chai

Client: Tea Ltd.

Creative: Francis Lovell-White.

Extras: Online shop, Responsive layout.

Working with Francis, we took her designs and turned them into an almost exact replica of her Photoshop flat designs, the client had a previous designer who was unable to produce the site as they desired.

We continue to work with Tea Ltd to maintain the site and add in promotional items such as new products, new flavours and keep them up to date with new recipes and the Cafe of the Month.

Lichfield South

Client: Lingfield

Creative: Blink Design & Media.

Extras: SEO backend tools, Responsive layout.

We have worked with Greg Woods for over 15 years, over that time we have built over 15 sites together ranging from large Insurance companies to Oxfam and Building societies.

Blink DM supply us flat designs and we then work with him and his clients to produce a range of websites that he and his clients are happy with.

Grants Garage

Client: Erica Grant.

Creative: Jamie Gunn Ltd.

Extras: Booking form, Responsive layout.

This was a simple 4 page layout, taking existing text from their site and recreating it in a responsive WordPress CMS system.

We added in a booking form to allow clients to book vehicles in for an array of services.

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